Exploring the Relationship Between Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston

Actor Kevin Costner and singer Whitney Houston shared a significant moment in Hollywood history during the early 90s. Forging a friendship while working on their 1992 film «The Bodyguard,» the two remained close friends until Houston’s untimely passing in 2012, as reported by Newsner. Costner, already an acclaimed actor with roles in award-winning films like «Dances with Wolves,» «Robin Hood,» and «The Untouchables,» according to IMDb, met Houston on set. Houston, a Grammy award-winning singer, and international superstar, was cast opposite Costner in the film. She recorded «I Will Always Love You» for the soundtrack, which became a global sensation and an instant classic.

«[Houston] was anxious and afraid that she wasn’t up to the role,» Costner recalled during Houston’s funeral, as reported by All About History. «But I assured her that I would be there with her every step of the way.» He further expressed the commonalities they shared, saying, «We both grew up in a Baptist church. It was easy for us to laugh. The church was what we knew. It was our private bond.» Costner reminisced about their shared past, picturing Houston as a young girl in their Baptist church community, familiar with everyone and everything. He also acknowledged moments when she faced challenges.

Kevin Costner wrote letters to Whitney Houston

Following Whitney Houston’s untimely passing in February 2012, Kevin Costner released a statement declaring, «She was my one true love,» as reported by All About History. During an appearance on CNN in April 2012, Costner shared with Anderson Cooper about the letters he used to write to Houston, hoping they would aid her in overcoming her struggles with addiction, as per Today. Reflecting on this, Costner mentioned, «There are some people that really love Whitney, and a couple of times during the last seven, eight years, (they) asked me, would I write her a letter?» He emphasized his enduring appreciation for her, stating, «She would always be close to me.» Costner admitted to writing letters to someone facing challenges, adding, «I don’t know if those letters were ever read.»

When questioned about whether he observed Whitney Houston’s struggles with substance abuse during the filming of The Bodyguard, Costner responded, «Not that I know of, no.» He went on to say, «I elected to let Whitney have her life after The Bodyguard.» Kevin Costner’s remarks at Whitney Houston’s funeral stand as a testament to the deep bond shared between the two Hollywood stars.

Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston became companions ‘for life’

Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston forged a lasting connection during their professional collaboration. As «The Bodyguard» was on the verge of being introduced, Houston revealed how Costner personally approached her about the role of Rachel Marron, expressing his determination to have her as the lead in the romantic drama. «[Costner] said, ‘If you don’t do this movie, I won’t do this movie,'» Houston shared in a 1992 interview with Entertainment Tonight. Costner, in a separate interview with the same news outlet, emphasized Houston’s significance as a performer, stating, «I thought that she was really worth it. In fact, we postponed the movie for a year,» and concluded, «Anybody that looks at Whitney Houston could fall in love with her.»

After successfully persuading Houston to accept the leading role, Costner and the formidable performer developed a close bond while preparing for the film shoot. «There were moments when Kevin and I would be off in a corner somewhere, going over our script,» Houston revealed on «A Current Affair» in 1992. She further expressed, «We’d take our days off, and we’d go through our scripts together, our scenes together … I know that I made a friend in Hollywood for life.» Throughout the years, Costner has acknowledged Houston’s enduring iconic legacy.

Kevin Costner honors Whitney Houston

In September 2022, Kevin Costner openly shared his positive sentiments towards Whitney Houston. Taking to Instagram, Costner announced the screening of «The Bodyguard» on the big screen to mark its 30th anniversary. The «Yellowstone» star also commended Houston’s performance in the post’s caption, expressing his excitement, «I couldn’t be more excited that we all get to re-experience this film and the magic that happened when Whitney stepped in front of the camera. I hope you’ll join us in celebrating this movie and her legacy.»

After requesting Costner to speak at Houston’s funeral in 2012, Houston’s cousin Dionne Warwick provided him with comforting guidance. Warwick recalled, «I said, ‘Well, just speak from your heart.’ And I’m certain that’s what he did at the event as well,» as reported by Fox News. During the speech, Costner highlighted the numerous admirable qualities of the pop legend. «Whitney, if you could hear me now, I would tell you, you weren’t just good enough — you were great,» Costner expressed, according to the New York Post. He continued, «You weren’t just pretty — you were as beautiful as a woman could be. And people didn’t just like you, Whitney — they loved you.»

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