Fans react to Kevin Costner’s appearance at the Golden Globes – and everyone is saying the same thing

It is highly likely that Kevin Costner is hoping for a calmer 2024 than his 2023 turned out to be.

At 68, the comedy legend is no stranger to the press or to stories and speculations about his actions circulating online.

Yet, even by Hollywood star standards, last year proved to be a true rollercoaster for Costner.

Much was said about his decision to leave the hit series Yellowstone, but any controversy about it was certainly overshadowed by the news of his separation from his longtime partner Christine Baumgartner.

The actor was reportedly shocked to learn that his wife was filing for divorce, triggering a tumultuous period during which the couple faced off in court.

Costner and Baumgartner were married for 18 years before the latter filed for divorce on May 1, 2023, citing «irreconcilable differences.» Costner is said to have been surprised by her decision.

This marks a new chapter toward the end of 2023, and it appears that Costner has taken steps to firmly put his former marriage in the rearview mirror.

According to some reports, the Yellowstone star has entered into a relationship with singer Jewel – the two were recently photographed together on Richard Branson’s Necker Island during a fundraising event for the Inspiring Children Foundation.

One might assume that Costner would prefer to keep a low profile in 2024, but it’s not surprising that he became a topic of conversation after presenting an award at the Golden Globes last weekend.

Costner teamed up with America Ferrera to present the award for Best Actress in a Television Series (won by Ayo Edebiri for The Bear).

It seems that the mutual admiration between Costner and Ferrera had a positive effect on the audience. In fact, Costner’s reference to Ferrera’s monologue in Barbie received a lot of praise online.

«You know, you have a scene that I love,» Costner said on stage. «I think a lot of people love that scene. You know, ‘It’s literally impossible to be a woman.’ You know, you’re so beautiful, so smart, and it kills me to think that you don’t think you’re good enough. You’re so smart, and it kills me that you don’t find yourself good enough. That was pretty good.»

America responded, «Did you, Kevin Costner, just memorize my Barbie monologue?»

While Kevin admitted he didn’t memorize it all, he continued (while trying to contain his laughter), «But it’s an important message, and it always reminds me of what’s possible in movies. It reminds me that when we take our time, when we get things right, when the movie is working at its best, it can be moments you never forget.»

As mentioned, the banter between the two presenters was well-received by audiences worldwide.

«I was laughing so much with Kevin Costner trying to keep a straight face… also, aging well! Yay America,» wrote one person.

«He worked as hard on this segment as on his English accent in Robin Hood,» teased another.

«Lmao he’s trying so hard to keep a straight face 😂,» added a third.

Watch Costner and America present the award below:

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