Frame of the Day: Jennifer Lopez lay in a bathtub right in the store

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are one of the most talked about celebrity couples of our time. Some time ago, after almost twenty years of break, the stars got together again and even played a wedding — the same one that was canceled many years ago, and, according to people in the know, the cancellation of which was so hard experienced by the singer herself. And about a month ago, after several months of searching, the stars managed to find the perfect house for their large family. Recall, both J.Lo and Ben Affleck have children from previous marriages.

Of course, after the house has been chosen, it must be improved. This is what the singer is doing now. For quite a long time paparazzi notice J. Lo walking around construction and interior stores. Recently, photographers managed to catch the singer during an important process — the choice of a bathroom.

The singer chose a floral print dress for a walk through construction stores. Jennifer completed her look with high-heeled corduroy shoes and a GUCCI bag made of the same material. Despite the fact that the star chose a very chic image for a trip to the designer store, she easily climbed into every cabin and bathtub that caught her eye. For this activity, she was caught by vigilant paparazzi.

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