How Adele managed to lose almost 50kg

She has been delighting fans with her talent for many years now. She has won fifteen Grammys. She was born in 1988, and by the age of four had already started singing. Since then, she can’t imagine life without music, but her first public concert was at school. Twelve months later, the singer had her first tour.

From there, her career progressed rapidly, but she was not so lucky in her personal life. The singer accepted the job with her usual enthusiasm. She had always shied away from sport, but her determination to lose weight led her to the gym. Working out with a trainer helped distract her from her melancholy thoughts and kept her sane.

She worked out two or three times a day and also regulated her diet. Adele wasn’t on a diet, she just moved around and ate the right foods, deliberately avoiding strict dietary restrictions.

She now did weight training in the morning, walked or boxed a lot in the afternoon and planned to do cardio in the evening. The singer was surprised to see how quickly her body was changing and that the weight she hated was melting away before her very eyes. She soon appeared in public completely transformed and happy.

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