How Italy’s richest heiress Allegra Versace lives

The girl was born into the Versace clan on June 30, 1986, the father being Donatella’s (Gianni Versace’s sister) husband Paul Beck. Paul came to the casting as a model, and he began a relationship with Gianni that lasted a year. After which the lover of the maître suddenly proposed to Donatella. Since 1983, they began to live together, soon concluded a formal marriage that lasted 17 years, and Allegra became the first daughter and beloved niece of Gianni Versace.

Although the couturier quickly found a replacement for Paul. From 1982 until his death he was in a relationship with Antonio D’Amico. For about a year after the wedding, he did not communicate with his sister and even refused to help her financially. The birth of Allegra changed everything, although Gianni made about a hundred reservations in his will so that Paul Beck would not receive a penny.

A billion from the family and a penny from his father. Not surprisingly, Allegra Versace Beck was actually raised by her uncle, who gave her a lot of time:

Trips to museums, trips to learn about the architecture of various countries;
Personal art teachers, drawing, singing and dancing;
Attending celebrity concerts;
Playing in the theater and acting lessons.
Not surprisingly, by the age of 10, the girl was well-read, perky and was constantly in the spotlight of journalists. Her uncle decided to make her the heiress to the fashion empire, where fashion is the main thing. Shortly before he was killed, she presented her first dresses.

Two weeks after her birthday, when she turned 11 (1997), Gianni Versace was shot and killed after walking for fresh press on the porch of his Casa Casuarina mansion in Miami Beach. The girl was embroiled in an investigation, with police interrogations and pesky press harassment lasting nearly a week. Donatella’s mother and Uncle Santo were unable to shield the girl because they themselves were under suspicion.

In August 1997, a will was made public, according to which Allegra received a 50% stake in the Gianni Versace Group, valued at 700 million euros at the time. That’s when Donatella said that this is too much for 11 years, and the girl disappeared from the news for a long time, even the yellow press.

In 2007, Allegra turned 21, and she was forced to accept the inheritance. Maintaining the image of the fashion house, at the insistence of her father and mother, the girl appeared at various events, and at 16 she looked like a real photo model.

Then there was the illness, exacerbated by panic attacks, as after the defile the press stirred up a story about the murder of her uncle. Journalists relished the facts and details, citing photos of her and her uncle, and the girl acquired a whole bouquet of ailments. The panic attacks were compounded by rage at the sight of her photographs in the press or on television. Constant depression and outbursts of rage led to anorexia in a severe form. The young woman, considered by everyone to be a contender for the title of Italy’s first socialite, became withdrawn.

According to the will, Allegra was to inherit at 18, in 2004, but she got off with a power of attorney in her mother’s name. Her appearance in public came as a shock to those who liked the heiress, because she was and still is the richest bride in Italy.

A lot of time has passed since then. Her mother had recovered from her cocaine addiction by going to rehab. Elton John helped, saying the famous phrase «Che schifo?» (what the hell?) to Donatella personally.

Technically, Allegra got a spacious office that was rarely empty, as it was constantly being repainted in different colors. To the press, her personal life was behind closed doors. Her mother wouldn’t let her drive. They say she does not give her a chance to meet young men, as she only shows her daughter in public when accompanied by relatives and guards.

The ultimatum of the top managers was due to the fact that the de facto owner of the business, on whom many decisions depend, her mother locked her in a golden cage, encouraging and developing her infantilism in every possible way. Once a perky little girl, «a very serious and intelligent child,» she became a recluse, hardly perceiving the reality outside the family mansions and apartments.

At the photo shoot on the occasion of her 35th birthday, she didn’t just look bad. A caustic comment from the paparazzi hit the newswire.

«Mom was born a bogeywoman, and made a daughter into a scary and miserable something.»

There was no press conference; security collected questions from reporters and promised to send answers.

How not to believe the sources close to the family:

Having a mother like Donatella can intimidate the most resilient person. Look at what she has done to her face and body, hence the intimidation of a daughter who has lost confidence in everything;
Today Allegra is either alone or guarded by family members. It is as if she has returned to childhood, and she can hardly function as an adult.
Of course, the family denies everything, and will occasionally walk the wealthy heiress in public. But as long as Donatella is alive, no one will let Allegra out of the golden cage.

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