How Vivien Leigh abandoned her daughter and how the girl’s life turned out

To succeed in the film industry, many actresses had to sacrifice their relationships with their families and personal lives.

Celebrities have enough stories about how their kids were brought up by grandmothers, grandfathers, and children hated star parents because of the lack of attention and care. And no amount of money could not fix the situation.

The result of a successful career was unhappy children, constant family conflicts, and a lack of fulfillment as a loving mother and spouse.

Such was the fate of Vivien Leigh, the British actress, winner of two Oscars for playing Scarlett O’Hara and Blanche DuBois. There were serious misunderstandings between her and her daughter Susanna, which were resolved thanks to the girl’s kind nature.

In today’s world, no one rushes to marry at 18, but in the twentieth century it was the standard step for entering adulthood. The young and beautiful Vivien, having completed her second year at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, marries Herbert Lee Holman. At that time, the man had already established a successful career as a lawyer, and the accumulated wealth was enough not only for the spouses, but also for several future generations. The difference between the lovers was 13 years.

The actress’s daughter was born a year after her marriage. Pregnancy and childbirth had complications, which affected the possibility of having a second child.

Herbert Lee never gave up hope of ending his wife’s career. He saw her as a housewife, but not as a successful actress in Hollywood. He was jealous of the woman’s partners on the set and newly minted fans. However, she did not retreat from a childhood dream, seeking to win the love of the audience around the world. So when Vivienne was forced to choose between family and work, her choice fell on her career.

The first roles she got at the age of 22. They were British projects with a small budget. The actress wanted to gain experience and conquer the Hollywood film industry. In this she was helped by her new love, Laurence Olivier. The pair met on the set of a joint project. At that time the actors have already had a relationship. Upon learning of his wife’s adultery, Herbert filed for divorce and took their daughter to him.

Susanna was raised by her mother’s parents. She received her secondary education in an elite boarding school, and then she was going to enroll in the acting department. But the girl was not in demand in the film industry. Not having a special talent and unique appearance, Susanna could only work in extras or perform minor roles. Her father was also against this kind of work, as his ex-wife. So the girl gave up her dream and chose a different profession.

Tired of not being in demand, Susanna returned home. After a while she met Robin Farrington and married him. Three sons were born to the marriage. The couple lived happily and there was always peace and harmony in the family. Susanna passed away at the age of 83 years. By that time she had already managed to become more than once a grandmother and even a great-grandmother.


Despite the fact that Vivienne was not the perfect mother, Susanna did not hold a grudge against her mother. In her interviews, she noted that she had found the strength to forgive her mother’s actions and did not blame her. In addition, Susanna actively participated in the compilation of her mother’s autobiography.

True happiness for Vivien Leigh gave not world fame, and beloved daughter Susanna, who truly believed in her despite the lack of family support.

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