Liam Neeson «fell in love» after 13 years of pining to hear his late wife: he disconnected her from life support

Liam Neeson was somewhat of a seducer when it came to women. But in a moment, he went from being one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors to becoming a happily married man.

It all started after he fell head over heels in love with his co-star Natasha Richardson, whom the actor described as a «very, very attractive» woman. The couple worked together in the Broadway show «Anna Christie» in 1993.

By that time, the 40-year-old Neeson had earned a reputation as a Hollywood bad boy. He was also known for dating famous women.

Meanwhile, his co-star, Richardson, was married to producer Robert Fox, so it didn’t seem like the best time to start a romance. However, it happened.

Neither of them held back emotions as they began to surface and then fate smiled on Liam as Natasha’s marriage to Fox fell apart. The actress revealed:

«Working with him, what happened between us, and that it became public along with my marriage falling apart, it was a little unwelcome.What can I say? Obviously, I fell very much in love with him.»

The co-stars developed a genuine bond while working on stage. Film critics and fans recognized their chemistry. Their performances also earned them Tony Award nominations.

Recounting his experience working with Natasha, the actor confessed:

«I’ve never had that kind of explosive chemistry with an actress before. We had that wonderful free dance class on stage every night. She and I were like [Fred] Astaire and [Ginger] Rogers.»

Despite the connection, Liam took things slow until Richardson asked him about their relationship. Then, when she turned 30, he sent her what she considered an unromantic letter.

The celebrity wrote a few words claiming they were from his character, Oskar, from «Schindler’s List.» While this did not elicit a laugh from Richardson, his response prompted her to define the relationship.

The actor reflexively decided it was a feeling he had to protect. So a year after sharing the stage, they sealed their fate, to be together until death. Their wedding ceremony was held on a farm in upstate New York (USA).

After their union, they planned to start a family. A few months later, they welcomed their first son, Michael. The following year, Daniel was born.

Despite becoming parents as quickly as possible, the couple remained committed to their marriage, honored their vows and remained satisfied with their careers. Richardson, whose mother was British actress Vanessa Redgrave, combined motherhood with acting.

She was also as devoted as her husband to the marriage and wanted the best for both of them. During their years together, the couple made a pact, promising that if either of them went into a vegetative state, the well spouse would pull the plug.

The tragic accident that changed Neeson’s life

In 2009, after sixteen years of marriage, Liam lost his other half, the woman he thought would be by his side forever. This tragedy occurred when they were separated, the actor was in Toronto filming and his wife was in Quebec.

Richardson had gone on a skiing vacation with his eldest son, Michael. Unfortunately, while sliding down a beginner slope, she fell and hit her head, which was unprotected.

Natasha was escorted to her hotel room by the instructor and another ski patrol officer, after refusing an ambulance. She later contacted her husband and told him what happened.

Neeson recalled his wife saying to him:

«oh, honey, I fell in the snow».

The actress herself, it seemed that everything is fine — she even refused to see a doctor because she felt fine.

But later it turned out that due to the injury, a large vessel in her brain burst and bleeding began.

Eventually, the actress was taken to the hospital, where numerous tests were performed. When Neeson was reunited with her, he learned that the accident had caused fatal damage after seeing the results of the tests. Doctors explained to him that his wife was brain dead. Richardson was placed on life support, but not for long.

The «Taken» star admitted he came to terms with the loss earlier and went in to whisper his last words. He recounted:

«I went up to her and told her I loved her. I said, ‘Honey, you’re not coming back from this. You’ve hit your head. It’s…I don’t know if you can hear me, but this is…this is what happened. And we’re going to take you back to New York. All your family and friends will come.'»

Liam donated her organs. He declared:

«She’s gone. But he donated three of her organs, so she’s keeping three people alive right now. Yes, her heart, her kidneys and her liver.»

Life after losing Richardson

Losing Natasha was a devastating blow. The actor felt unstable. He couldn’t come to terms with her absence and, for the first few years, he waited for her to come into the house and rattle the keys like she used to.

He tried to stay strong for his children, both of whom were teenagers when Richardson died. Fortunately, he had the help of a friend who told Michael that his story was similar (losing his mother at a young age).

This, in a way, strengthened the boys, but not their father. Neeson immersed himself in the work, not wanting to appear weak, sad or depressed. He confirmed:

«I’m not good with…without a job. I just don’t… I get too complicated. You know? And I didn’t want to… especially for my kids, to be… to seem mired in sadness or depression.»

After losing his wife, he appeared in more than twenty films.

Liam joked about his relationship

The celebrity’s family and friends have been waiting for him to be happy again after Natasha’s death. Recently, the actor broke the surprising news that he had fallen back in love with a woman he met during a shoot in Melbourne two years ago.

Although he refused to share her identity, Neeson admitted that they were a couple. This is not the first time that the artist has made his fans surprised with his statements.

In 2016, he alleged that he was in a relationship with a known woman, but refused to share her identity. Later, a spokesperson revealed that it was simply a joke.

While Neeson hasn’t gone so far as to share the details of his new romance with the world, he remains a good family man dedicated to his children and his career.

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