Losers at school: Which Hollywood stars were bullied at school?

Bullying and harassment are unfortunately commonplace in schools. It doesn’t matter what country it is, how affluent the area is, whether it’s a state school or an ordinary school. Bullies will always find a victim. And it’s hard to believe that some of the celebrities who now smile proudly on red carpets and make speeches to packed audiences were once bullied at school. Let’s take a look at some of the celebrities who have been victims of teasing.

Robert Pattinson

One of Hollywood’s most popular young actors, Robert Pattinson, experienced the full force of high school bullying. And all because he wanted to be an actor.

The actor shared his memories in an interview.

According to the actor, he was beaten up many times. But he always believed he was not provoking the attacks. Pattinson revealed that he liked acting as an actor and that is why many people wanted to hit him.

Pattinson had to deal with the attacks again when he became world famous. After the release of the first part of Twilight, he became hostage to his image as a mysterious vampire for a very long time.

In order to prove to everyone that he was a good actor, Pattinson started acting in low-budget films, trying out different roles, and finally success and recognition were expected.

Many were convinced that he could do no more. And to this day, even after the release of Batman and a number of blockbuster films, some people still perceive Robert as the weird vampire.

Lady Gaga

The singer and actress, who has won every award imaginable, including an Oscar, also suffered from bullying at school. And she spoke openly about it to reporters.

According to the singer, she was bullied because of her looks. In particular, she was bullied because of her large nose. Lady Gaga says she didn’t even want to go to school because she felt like a nobody.

But even those nightmarish school years didn’t break Lady Gaga, on the contrary, those negative experiences eventually helped her in her work. As Lady Gaga prepared to work on A Star Is Born, she recalled her inner struggles during high school.

Lady Gaga revealed that she always believed in herself no matter what. And at the very beginning of her career, she dreamed big and didn’t care about the problems.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence, made famous around the world by the Hunger Games saga and the X-Men mutant superhero films. She is known in Hollywood for her straightforwardness and simplicity. The actress says whatever comes to mind and is not afraid to show her emotions. These qualities are valuable in adulthood, but can be a real problem in childhood.

Jennifer knows first-hand what it is like to be bullied at school. She often suffered at the hands of her classmates. It was worst in primary school.

The actress said she often had to change schools when she was little. And sometimes the girls were very mean. The actress remembers one incident in particular. One girl asked her to pass out invitations for a birthday party to which Jen herself was defiantly not invited. But she wasn’t confused and just threw them away.

Justin Timberlake

Timberlake began his singing career at a very young age, participating in the Mickey Mouse Club project. And who would have thought that the boy who had done everything since childhood to become a star would be an outcast at school. He was never able to form relationships with his peers.

Justin said he was never the cool kid at school. On the contrary, he was seen as weird and freaky. And that certainly didn’t help his self-esteem.

But Justin was lucky that he always had the support he needed when he came home. He says his mother taught him that being different was a good thing because it meant you could make a difference.

Jessica Alba

Who would have thought that one of the most desirable and attractive women in the world, Jessica Alba, would also have to face bullying at school. She was unlucky enough to be bullied by her classmates to the point where she had to be accompanied to class by her father.

The actress said her father would often drop her off because she was being bullied. Alba had to eat lunch in the nurse’s office. Not only was she teased, but she was also beaten. To this day, Jessica can never understand why she was treated this way. She was probably bullied because her family was poor and her parents couldn’t afford expensive, beautiful things. Racist pretexts should not be dismissed either.

Christian Bale

The intrepid Batman of Nolan’s films, actor Christian Bale, realised early on that he saw himself as an actor. He was particularly interested in theatre. When Christian was 10, he appeared in his first commercial.

But Bale’s early fame did not sit well with his classmates. It was probably just jealousy. The other kids were angry that he wanted to be an actor. Not only did his classmates tease him, but it got to the point of physical violence.

In an interview, the actor said that he could not call his school days his best years. Other children hit and kicked him and bullied him. Christian believes it was his first lesson in life, showing how your success affects other people. And if you stand out, you’re likely to be bullied.

Tom Holland

One of the most popular actors of the younger generation, Tom Holland is pure charm. Such a man could be the soul of any company, but his classmates didn’t think so. Tom was a victim of bullying at school and suffered greatly as a result.

Holland is not only a good actor, but also a brilliant dancer. At the age of 12, he starred in the London production of the musical Billy Elliot. And it was for his talent that he paid the price as a schoolboy. His classmates didn’t like his dancing.

Tom talked about his difficult school years in an interview. According to him, he was the victim of bullying by other pupils and there were cases of beatings.

Jessica Chastain

Oscar-winning actress Jessica Chastain is a man’s dream. She’s incredibly beautiful and incredibly talented. But she also had a tough time at school as a child.

According to the actress, every day at school she heard that she was ugly and that no one wanted to be friends with her. Cruel kids would say terrible things to her. All because Jessica was different from the other kids.

The issue of bullying is so painful for Chastain that she has taken to social media to talk about it.

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