Muti, 68, dared to be photographed in a swimsuit, melting fans’ hearts

Looking at Ornella Muti’s photos, it’s hard to believe that the actress has already passed 60. Ornella recently celebrated her 68th birthday. Despite her advanced age, the Italian film star continues to shine in all her splendor on Instagram.

Recently, she has been showered with glowing compliments from her devoted fans.

«What a divine beauty», «I wish I had such elegance at your age», «The best», «I can’t believe she’s approaching 70», «How can you look so stunning at 68?», «I’m speechless before so much grace».

«Breathtaking charm», «You’re perfect», «What a woman! A real dream», wrote Internet users in the comments under Ornella Muti’s photos.

What do you think of the new photos of the Italian film star?

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