Pierre Richard will be 89 years old this year. How the actor looks today

Richard was born in August 1934. His father was a textile manufacturer. The upbringing of the child engaged in most of the grandfather, who is a descendant of an ancient aristocratic family.

But the father of Pierre’s mother, with whom the boy always went fishing, worked as an ordinary sailor. So the future actor was able to get acquainted with different sides of society, to understand all the features of culture.

Pierre’s career began in the late fifties. But he gained popularity only after several films about François Perrin were released. By the way, many viewers still remember him only thanks to the image of a blond clumsy.

In 1970, Richard tried himself in directing. Under his watchful guidance was removed film «Disseminated», and he himself has played a major role. In 1981, the film «Unlucky» was released, in which Perrin’s colleague, a private detective, appeared for the first time. Gerard Depardieu was entrusted to bring this image to life.

By the end of the eighties, the actor was already very popular and recognizable. He bought vineyards in the south of the country, and from then on he started making wine. It was a pleasant hobby for him, and he was doing very well.

Time passed, but Pierre did not stop there. He began to write scripts and books, participated in films and TV series, played in the theater. For example, you could see him in such films as «Robinson Crusoe», «When We’re Gone», «King Guillaume».

The man continues to work in movies, and he also goes to parties and festivals. He really likes to spend his time that way. In recent photos, he doesn’t really look like himself. You definitely don’t recognize the blond guy in the black boot. But there’s nothing you can do about it — you can’t cheat time. Everyone gets old, even celebrities. Although this fact is, of course, very upsetting.

This year you can see Pierre in the comedy Brutus v. Caesar. It’s a promising project, and it will also be very nice to see a famous actor.

Fans eagerly await the release of the picture to enjoy playing their idol again.

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