Sharon Stone in bikini at 65 — attentive fans notice an interesting detail that makes people talk

At almost 65, Sharon Stone proves that she has lost nothing of her superb.

Displaying her beautiful body in a breathtaking selfie, the femme fatale attracts dozens of admiring fans, raising her natural beauty.

In the same photo, some eagle-eyed fans have spotted a detail that steals the spotlight and people can’t do without it!

Keep reading to learn more about what fans have spotted!

Sharon Stone, from Pennsylvania, continues to improve with age.

The sex symbol of the 1990s, who will celebrate his 66th birthday on March 10, has let his fans fade in front of his provocative performances in films such as Basic Instinct in 1992 and Casino in 1995.

About her role as a femme fatale in Basic Instinct, Stone says in Vanity Fair: «It’s much more than a look under my skirt, people. Wake up. The women defended this film, the men were obsessed.» She continues: «…I was not the chosen one, not the golden girl, just the sex symbol who could sometimes get the key role if it turned out that she was so sexy. »

Beyond her roles as a seductive, the award-winning actress has also appeared in comedy films such as The Muse, as a gunman in The Quick and the Dead, and in science fiction hits such as Total Recall alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger.

For nearly fifty years of being an artist, this mother of three adopted boys has continued to impress the public and does not hesitate to share photos that highlight her toned silhouette.

Bold photos

In June 2022, the star of Irreconcilable Differences shared a daring photo with her 3.9 million followers on Instagram.

The woman is seen by the pool with a big smile and a leopard printed green bikini bottom that is only associated with a Turkish towel draped on her shoulders, partially hiding her topless look.

She captioned the photo, which aroused the enthusiasm of 295,000 fans, in these terms: «Gratefully Imperfect on a Perfect Day» («Grateful for being imperfect in a perfect day»).

Fans reacted by raising the eternal grace of the woman. «A beautiful woman and a great lesson for all women,» writes one of them. «Imperfect? WHO? you are an absolute goddess,» shares for a second.

How does she do it?

By crushing her physique, Stone shares with Vogue that she practices a conscious life, which includes a healthy diet, sleeping eight hours a day, and when she is awake, she is always moving: «I move my body. I do it when I’m on the set. I do leg lifts and kicks in the back, I collapse on the ground and I do jackknife.»

The star adds that she also wears weighted bracelets and that she still uses the ThighMaster, popularized in the 1990s by the late Suzanne Somers. «It’s sensational. I put it between my legs when I watch TV… It’s the kind of thing you can put in your suitcase because it doesn’t take up space.»

Her French bulldog Bandit, which she adopted in 2018, almost blends into the upholstery fabric. A fan is ecstatic: «Your dog! «. And another adds: «hahahahaha I saw the same thing! Have you seen the look he has???? It looks like he said… «another photo? «.

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