She drank the elixir of youth. Cher, 76, tried on an unusually daring look during a walk

The famous singer sported a daring look.

The star took to the Italian streets in a very daring outfit, arousing strong emotions among journalists and fans alike.

As you know, the singer hasn’t given concerts for many years and doesn’t write new songs, but she is very active on social networks. Recently, the celebrity even launched herself on the oment’s most popular entertainment platform — TikTok.

To complete her look, the star opted for eye-catching jewelry, earrings and a small bag by a famous designer. A style like this did not fail to receive compliments.

«What chic you exude!», «You don’t seem to be aging at all?», «You really don’t look 75!», «The most talented and beautiful singer», fans noted.

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