She was so skinny: the star of «Cops in Petticoats» charmed her subscribers with a snapshot of her youth

Unlike many colleagues in the industry, Melissa McCarthy has never been embarrassed by her imposing figure. She’s in no hurry to lose weight, continuing to play comic film roles. Audiences appreciate her for her acting talent, not her body. But what a surprise it was when she shared a photo from her youth. In this photo, Melissa appears quite slim.

On the left of the photo is the actress’s future sister, Margie, and on the right is Melissa herself. Being very young, she was not yet overweight.

Her eyes are wide open, the outline of her chin and even her dimples are visible. It’s hard to recognize the famous Melissa McCarthy in this picture.

«So beautiful,» «You’ve always been beautiful,» «Adorable,» «Great photo!», «Great,» subscribers wrote subscribers under the publication.

However, the current Melissa doesn’t seem at all bothered by her figure. The actress is often cast in films that showcase her character’s plump figure. One of the artist’s recent works is «The Little Mermaid». McCarthy plays the story’s main villain — the obese witch Ursula. The star also has her own clothing line for curvy women. McCarthy encourages curvaceous girls not to be ashamed of their charms and to wear fitted clothes.

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