Sophia Loren’s children: how their fates were formed

Sometimes famous women voluntarily give up motherhood. In the case of Sophia Loren it was different. First of all, for Italian women there is no higher value than family. Secondly, she was madly in love with her husband Carlo Ponti. Only fate did not give them children.

All attempts ended unsuccessfully. And now, at 34, Sophia Loren for the first time became a mother. In 1968, the actress had a long-awaited firstborn. Loren had to spend almost nine months in bed.

And even the actress ate while lying down! So great was her fear. On the career and was out of the question: she missed prestigious film festivals and postponed filming for a year.

Sophie named her first child after her husband. Carlo Ponti Jr. became the main concern for Lauren: she did fine without maids and nannies. Around Sophie all the time spinning paparazzi, who were happy to get a picture of the actress with the long-awaited heir.

Carlo Ponti Jr. is now 55 years old. He did not disappoint his mother’s hopes: he received his musical education in Austria, became a successful conductor, and worked in Australia.

Carlo Ponti now lives and works in the USA. He is married to a Hungarian violinist named Andrea and is raising two children: his son Vittorio appeared in 2007 and his daughter Beatrice in 2012.

In 1973, when Sophie was 39 years old, she became a mother again. And again the actress did not leave home for several months. The second child was also a son, who was named Edoardo. This time, the actress still used the services of a nanny, because now she had two small children.


It was the appearance of Edoardo Ponti that made Sophie think about ending her career. She actively acted almost until the end of the 70’s, but in the 80’s appeared on the screen more and more rarely. Now she wanted to devote all her time to her family and was ready to swap the carpets of festivals for the comfort of home.

Edoardo Ponti is now 50 years old. His career and life are also going well. Edoardo became a filmmaker and in 2020 he directed Sophia Loren in «All Life Ahead.» It was the actress’ first appearance in a lead role after many years.

Sophia Loren’s youngest son is married to actress Sasha Alexander. The couple has two children: 17-year-old Lucia Sofia and 12-year-old Leonardo. By the way, Sophie’s granddaughter, named after her, is very similar to her famous grandmother. The only difference is that she is a blonde with blue eyes.

In general, watching the relationship between Sophie and her sons is a pleasure. For the actress, there are no closer people than her family, for which she once gave up a successful career.

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