Still as beautiful as ever! New photos of 89-year-old Sophia Loren at a restaurant have captivated fans.

Sophia Loren, a true icon of the film industry, recently celebrated her 89th birthday. Her active lifestyle and stunning appearance are a testament to her enduring beauty and vitality. She continues to inspire and captivate audiences around the world.

The other day, the famous Italian was able to be caught in the lenses of cameras, when she was having a great time in the company of friends in one of the restaurants.

The film star chose a sophisticated and elegant white trouser set for her outing. The suit emphasizes her slender figure and graceful arms, and the look is complemented by a massive necklace around her neck, large earrings, and colored glasses.

Fans have come to a real delight with Sophie. Many never tire of admiring how beautiful she looks at her age.

«Such old age can be fearless!» «She is delightful!» At 89, to have such a figure and face is truly remarkable! It is evident that she puts a lot of effort into maintaining her appearance, which is truly admirable. It is a pleasure to observe such an amazing woman. You can find more comments under the photos.»

Would you give the actress 89 years of age?

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