What Eva Jobs Looks Like and Does – Heiress of the Founder of the Apple Empire

Traditionally, the offspring of the wealthiest individuals tend to live carefree lives without denying themselves anything. However, there are some remarkable exceptions, like Eva Jobs, who is the heiress to one of the world’s wealthiest individuals. Despite her privileged background, she is hardworking and motivated, striving to live up to her renowned family name.

Eva, 24, is the youngest daughter of Apple founder Steve Jobs and is said to be his favourite. The Apple founder spent little time with his family and was repeatedly rebuked for being indifferent to his daughters. But this is not at all true – Steve had a very warm relationship with Eva and her dad thought she was brave and determined.

In an interview, Jobs said that if his daughter did not become President of the United States, she would definitely lead Apple. Walter Isaacson, a biographer of Steve Jobs, described the relationship between father and Eve as very touching. Unable to see Dad, she called him at work with enviable persistence.

Once on the phone, the girl would always ask how Steve was doing. She would ask if he had had lunch and what his plans were for the near future. Sometimes Eva would sarcastically ask her father if she was on his calendar of appointments. The question melted Steve’s heart and he tried to see the child right away.

As you may have guessed, Eva is by no means a poor person. And this even though her father was not too generous with his heirs. The girl confidently proves that she is Jobs and like her father can achieve everything on her own. She is now studying at Stanford University, where her parents met. Eva has many hobbies, including fitness, equestrianism, hiking, and music.

It should be made particularly clear that the wealthy heiress lives very modestly. She drives an ordinary car and does not live in a luxurious mansion, but in a spacious but quite ordinary house, just as her father lived. Of course, Eva’s life is under constant paparazzi scrutiny. But she has never caused a scandal and can serve as an example to thousands of wealthy and unscrupulous heirs.

What else would a young millionaire need to be happy? But she wants to do it all on her own. She works as a model, finds charities, and writes a book. Yes, Eva Jobs is working on a biographical novel about her father. Much has been written about the Apple founder, but the daughter wants to show her father from her point of view.

The beauty’s personal life is also in order. She is dating 29-year-old singer Harry Hudson. Before that, by the way, Eva had a romance with Timothy Chalamet. The girl does not like to advertise her relationship and it is not easy to find photos of her with her boyfriend on the Net.

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