What Julia Roberts is hiding and why she fears the laws of karma

Enchanting big smile — a calling card of Julia Roberts, who for more than a decade is considered the most charming star of Hollywood. However, knowledgeable people now and then make it clear that the star of the cult movie «Pretty Woman» is better to stay away.

Julia Roberts is one of the most popular actresses of our time, and for many the benchmark of a successful actress in both her profession and her personal life. We admire her timeless beauty, as well as her rare talent for balancing work and family life. Julia has long supported UNICEF initiatives, works with organizations that care about the environment, and is a shining example of the purest of charms.

However, not all of her acquaintances, colleagues and even close relatives consider Roberts to be an angel.

Julia Roberts rarely talks about her childhood, because it was not cloudless. The character of the future actress was seriously influenced by the events of the seventies. When the girl was four years old, her parents separated. Her mother Betty Lou Bredemas immediately married the theater critic Michael Motse. Soon after the marriage, Michael began to show his worst sides: drinking heavily, abusing Betty Lou and abusing her three children from a previous marriage — Eric, Lisa and Julia. Bredemas long tolerated the antics of her husband, and in 1976 gave birth to his daughter Nancy, in the hope that he will soften. But it never happened. It ended with Betty Lou taking the children and filing for divorce in 1983.

Roberts has never openly discussed her difficult relationship with her stepfather. However, sources close to the Hollywood star told reporters from Western media that she does not want to know Michael.

Julia did not get along not only with her now former stepfather, but also her own brother Eric, who once helped her with the start of her career. In the mid-1990s, the already internationally popular Julia supported her brother’s ex-girlfriend Kelly Cunningham when they were negotiating custody of their daughter Emma. Reconciliation did not happen until ten years later, in 2004, when Julia herself became a mother. True, Roberts later claimed there was no quarrel at all.

«We’re brother and sister, we never really fought. It’s just that we both have a strong character and it’s hard for us to make concessions. That’s all,» the actress reported.

Most problematic for Julia Roberts was communication with her half-sister Nancy, whose father was Michael Motes. Nancy dreamed of becoming an actress after Julia and asked to put in a good word for her. However, in acting, as you know, patronage does not work: you either know how to act, or not. The only thing that Roberts made for half-sister — helped her get a job as a waitress, and then an assistant on the set of the series «Glee». Sometimes she gave money, paying, for example, the joint vacation of mother and sister, but no more than that.

Nancy went to castings all the time, but she was not invited anywhere. Because of a series of failures she began to have problems with illegal drugs. Addiction was pushed by another circumstance: as a teenager, Nancy underwent complex surgery on her knee, after which she gained a lot of weight. At one point, the girl weighed 120 kilograms. Julia, according to rumors, did not try to seek words of sympathy, she had another method.

«Almost all of Nancy’s life complex because of the far from ideal figure, and Julia reproached her that she completely let loose and became fat, criticized her for a lack of self-discipline «- said John Dilbeck, Nancy Motes’s fiance.

It was he who launched a full-scale campaign against Julia Roberts after his lover committed suicide. The tragedy took place in February 2014. Nancy’s death might have been ruled an accident had it not been for a 12-page suicide letter. In the message, Motes appealed to her relatives. She blamed her sister for ruining her life and making her extremely insecure.

Julia Roberts has always had a difficult relationship not only with her family, but also with her colleagues. In 1990, she starred in the movie «Pretty Woman», after the release of which she woke up famous. Despite the modest experience at the time, young Julia decided that her star shines brightest.
A year later, Steven Spielberg called Julia Roberts in the movie «Captain Hook», offering her the role of the fairy Tinker Bell. Soon the famous director seriously regretted his choice. The actress harassed the whole crew its demands, for which she was nicknamed Tinker Hell.

Eyewitnesses still remember how Roberts, who was filmed without shoes, demanded that she be hired an assistant specifically to wash her tired feet after a day of shooting.

Spielberg delicately made it clear that he wasn’t going to work with Roberts anymore:

«It was a bad experience for both of us.

Julia was hurt to the core by the criticism of the maître d’. She decided to say a few words in her own defense in an interview with Vanity Fair:

«God knows, but nothing they say about me has ever been true. It’s slander, and it hurts me a lot. People I know well made me look like a bitch. I still can’t believe I trusted those people completely.»

Roberts fans turned a blind eye to the unpleasant situation and tried to forget about it. However, three years later the press once again started talking about the specific character of Julia. This time she had a big fight with a colleague in the movie «I love trouble» Nick Nolte. Titled and more than experienced partner was not liked by the actress, as she eloquently made clear on the set. The creators of the picture were between two fires. They even had to hire people similar to Roberts and Nolte to shoot some scenes together!

During the promotional tour, Julia, without naming names, shared far from rave reviews about the project.

«The shooting partner can be sweet and charismatic, but with me he was just disgusting,» the actress said in an interview.

Noltey didn’t keep quiet: «It’s not nice to call colleagues »disgusting.» But I am not surprised, and I do not expect anything else from her.»

Julia Roberts’ personal life is a separate topic. The incredibly beautiful actress has always had many fans. Both Matthew Perry and Liam Neeson fell into her net. But not all of them have fond memories of a famous friend.

In 1991, the actress broke her heart to his colleague in the thriller «Comatose Men» Kiefer Sutherland. The lovers were going to get married and planned a magnificent celebration to the smallest detail. Julia broke off the engagement three days before the X date.

Rumor has it that Roberts cheated on Sutherland with his own close friend, actor and musician Jason Patrick.

Kiefer took the situation hard and did not show his face in public for a long time. Now the actor is philosophical about what happened. In his opinion, at the time they were both not ready for marriage.

«We loved each other very much, but we rushed things. Now it seems to me that she did a brave thing: she realized in time that she did not need all this,» Sutherland reflected in an interview.

In 1993, Julia Roberts did reach the altar. Her husband became country singer Lyle Lovett. The lovers exchanged vows of fidelity in just three weeks after they met. The very next day, the actress returned to the set, postponing the wedding trip indefinitely. Because of their busy schedules, the spouses did not enjoy their vacation together.

Twenty-one months into their relationship, Roberts and Lovett announced their breakup:

«We are no longer together, but will forever remain a pillar and support for each other.»

Then it was revealed that the famous husband and wife had hardly seen each other all this time. When Lovett was in a motorcycle accident, Roberts did not fly to visit him in the hospital. She was busy filming, and her schedule did not allow her to leave the set. Many people meanwhile wondered if he was a loved one.

The love of her life Julia met in 2000 on the set of the movie «The Mexican. Danny Moder was not a celebrity but an ordinary cinematographer. The man by all standards was not a match for Roberts: not a star, no one known, in addition, officially married to makeup artist Vera Steimberg.

Julia and Danny poorly concealed their romance — it quickly learned about it, and the crew, and the cheating Vera. She was ready to forgive her beloved, if only not to ruin the family. However, Roberts did not give up and decided to go to the victorious end. Initially, the actress tried to pay off the wife of her chosen one by offering her a large sum for his «release». This arrangement categorically did not suit Vera, not ready to sell their true feelings.

The actress some time playing the role of the victim: supposedly Danny swore that it had long been over with Vera. When this did not work, Roberts began to appear in public wearing a T-shirt with the words A low Vera. Steimberg did not expect such «PR» and had to give up.

The Moder family, who adored Steimberg, did not accept Roberts at first. The father of the cameraman was disappointed in his future daughter-in-law when he saw her photo on the pages of the tabloids in that very T-shirt. The actress had to make excuses for her act, but she did not ask for forgiveness.

«I think I did the right thing. The T-shirt was my personal message. The problem with the tabloid press is that they overdramatize the situation. No one even asked why I wore it,» Julia Roberts shared with Oprah Winfrey.

In 2002, the actress and cinematographer still got married. The wedding took place at the ranch Roberts in New Mexico and by stellar standards was very modest. The first year was very difficult: Danny’s relatives still disliked Julia. The hard feelings were forgotten when the celebrity gave birth to twins — a girl Hazel and a boy Finneus. In 2008, the couple had another child — a boy, whom they named Henry.

Recently, there have been rumors that the marriage of Julia Roberts and Danny Modera is bursting at the seams. Like, the actress constantly reproaches her husband that she is the main breadwinner in the family.

All-knowing insiders talk about another problem: Julia harasses Danny with jealousy scenes.

She is afraid to repeat the fate of his first wife Vera … A few years ago, the mother of three adopted Hinduism and thought about the laws of karma.

«Danny never lets go of his smartphone. He’s constantly exchanging messages with someone. Julia is aware that strange girls often text him privately, so she’s always on the lookout,» an anonymous source from the couple’s entourage recounted. And how not to believe in the law of the boomerang?

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