11-year-old girl saved a shark from trouble

A small resident of Tasmania was walking with her family by the ocean when she suddenly noticed that someone was floundering in the water. 11-year-old Billie Rea saw a small shark. The poor guy got stuck between the rocks, and could not get out on his own.

The girl and her mother determined that they were facing an Australian head shark. This species does not pose a danger to humans. After that, Billie bravely went down, carefully pulled the poor thing out, and let her go into the ocean.

Billy’s mother, Abby Gilbert, is an employee of the nature conservation center, who instilled in the girl a love for animals. A woman posted a video with her daughter, who was saving a shark, on her Facebook page, signing it «My pride».

The girl’s mother said that Billie has always loved animals, and often brings home injured fuzzies:

«Billie has always wanted to become an animal advocate. She often brings home wild animals, we treat them and release them back into the wild,» says Billy’s mother.

Australian head sharks reach a length of 1.5 meters. They live on the continental shelf of South Australia, including Tasmania. The girl found the shark so close because they usually swim at depths of up to 220 meters, as well as at the bottom near algae and rocky reefs.

Shark rescue video:

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