A 10-year-old boy walks a little blind fawn in front of school every day

This picture was taken in the street by random passersby. People noticed that every day in the morning the boy walked around the neighborhood with a little fawn. Later it turned out that the fawn was blind. The boy finds him a place where there is fresh grass.

One of the eyewitnesses called the conservation organization. He told them about the deer and said it was incredibly affectionate and did not belong in the city, but it would not survive in its natural habitat either. The animal was then taken to a forest farm, where all conditions were created for it.

It was taken care of not only by the boy, but also by several other residents of the neighborhood, who brought it food and kept it away from the roadway to keep it out of danger. Without this, the animal would not have survived.

A 10-year-old boy walks a small blind fawn every day before going to school.

Now, fortunately, the fawn lives in very comfortable conditions, as close to nature as possible, and has no problems with food or safety. That’s how, thanks to caring people, even animals with birth defects incompatible with survival in nature get a chance at life, and that’s wonderful.

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