A 14-year-old boy assured a future not only for himself, but also for his parents

Just recently he turned fourteen. But this boy is known all over Britain and has long been called the modern prodigy and «little Monet». The boy became famous not for his pretty eyes — he really has a remarkable talent. So uncommon that the comparison with Monet is not flattery to the boy, but a hint at the reincarnation of the great impressionist.

One day, almost 10 years ago, he painted a landscape at a family holiday party. Kieron Williamson began painting when he was not even five. Most of his paintings depict landscapes of the area around Norfolk, where he has lived all his life, and Cornwall, which is his favorite vacation spot. Apparently, he truly puts his soul into his paintings, because the vision around him of a schoolboy talent on canvas has struck a chord with many. Even in Japan, the United States, and Germany, he is already known for his work.

From the age of 8, the artist began selling paintings at auctions and at 9 sold 33 paintings for $235,000 in half an hour. 23 of his works were sold to online buyers for $360,000 in just 20 minutes. So the elementary art school student got rich by $2.2 million. All proceeds from the sale of the paintings go to his own company, Kiеron Williamson Ltd. of which his parents are directors.

Today Kieron Williamson is one of the wealthiest children in Britain and certainly one of the most famous artists-children. Prices for paintings painted by the young genius, ranging from 3.5 thousand dollars for a small watercolor to 30 thousand dollars for a winter landscape, painted near his home in Norfolk.

The first works of Kieron appeared on the market in 2009. Then 19 of his paintings were sold for $36,000 at a private auction. The proceeds from the sale allowed Kieron to buy a new house for himself and his parents, as well as investing in the works of other artists, such as English landscape painter Lawrence Stephen Lowry.

«Everyone in the art world thinks his work is much better than last year. His latest paintings are phenomenal. We don’t force him. He just paints when he wants to,» his parents say.

Gallery manager Adrian Hill, who oversaw the sales, said:

«I’ve seen his skills grow from last year. He seems to have risen to a new level.»

Kieron stopped attending school and studies at home to be able to focus on painting. Williamson paints in watercolor, oil and pastel. In just one week, he paints about six pieces. And it’s no wonder: people line up for Kieron Williamson’s paintings.

In addition to creative expression, Kieren, like any other boy, loves computer games and soccer.

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