A 50-year-old mother became a surrogate mother, for her daughter

Khlis Smith, 50, acted as a surrogate mother for her daughter. Surrogacy is becoming very popular these days, and this story is a perfect example. Ever since she was a child, Caitlin Munoz wanted to have children.

When Caitlin got married, she became pregnant right away and had a beautiful baby. At the age of 25, when she tried to have a second child, she found out she couldn’t. Doctors gave her several diagnoses and now Caitlin had no chance of having a second child. Khlis found out about this and decided to offer surrogacy.

She called her daughter and told her she was ready to be a surrogate mother. It was a bit of a stretch at her age, but they decided to take the step. Pregnancy was a wonderful bonding time between the 50-year-old mom, her daughter and their new little miracle.

On May 17, Alayana Kate Chalise Muñoz was born. It’s one of the sweetest stories, confirming that moms will do whatever it takes to bless their child.

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