A bear destroyed the interior of a crossover vehicle while trapped for hours

A California resident found a wild bear inside her Range Rover. Vicky Constantini claims it had spent at least seven hours inside the vehicle, as she had left the car in the driveway of her house in the evening intact, and found the uninvited guest there in the morning. The interior of the SUV was badly damaged and unlikely to be restored.

Vicky told the channel that she discovered the bear early in the morning when she heard the alarm go off. She remotely opened the trunk door, and the bear got out, unnoticed because the windows were fogged up.

According to her, it had gotten in the night before because the car had been left unlocked. When the bear left the car, it looked severely dehydrated. What attracted the animal to the interior of the Range Rover is unknown. Constantini claims she did not leave any food items in the cabin. The interior of the SUV is not only stained, but also torn. In addition, the Range Rover was soaked in an unpleasant odor. Now the car owner drives a rental car and tries to part with the damaged SUV.

According to Vicky, she always locked the car’s locks, and this was the only time she didn’t do it. From now on, the woman intends to leave her car in the garage.

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