A bright parrot and his unusual girlfriend became parents. The kids turned out to be prettier than their parents

One girl under the nickname painthands shared on Twitter the story of her pet bird — a Kiwi parrot. This pet has attracted the attention of her subscribers before, and after he found an unusual girlfriend, he turned into a real hero of a reality show.

Previously, the parrot lived with its owner quite a normal bachelor life. He did what he wanted.
He jumped from branch to branch and no one complained to him about the scattered feathers all over the cage.

But still, the owner decided that her pet would be bored alone. She bought him an unusual girlfriend.

And you know, it was love at first sight. They became inseparable in life.Now it was a very peculiar couple — cheerful Kiwi and shy Susie.

Later, the owner noticed that Susie began to lay eggs. And then it was clear — the couple really have a serious relationship.

And soon little chicks were born. Although initially they were more like pterodactyls.

After a while, their first feathers grew and they began to look more like chicks.And after a couple of weeks, these kids turned into real parrots.

A wonderful family of parrots has won the love not only of its owner, but also of many netizens.

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