A bulldog puppy is angry at his mother, who prevents him from discovering the world

A tiny bulldog named Elvis is taking his first steps in this vast world. Well, Patches, his mom, is worried about too active a child. How can this youngster take care of himself?

So she runs up to him and decides to sniff. She had to make sure he was okay. Sniffing starts from the tail and continues right up to the top of the head. It is necessary to find out if all the wool is in place. Well, when she touches his head, Elvis can’t stand it and explodes.

The puppy growls desperately. This menacing sound, born in such a tiny creature, immediately makes you fall in love with him without memory. He lets Mom know that it would be better to leave him alone already. After all, he is a formidable bulldog, the pride of his breed. Why does he need his mother and her annoyance?

The hysteria of the youngster continues for quite a long time, gradually reaching unimaginable heights and falls. This little roar seems to echo from the future — the echo of the menacing and rolling roars of a mature bulldog. However, today it still sounds, rather than threatening, but cute.

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