A cheeky possum steals cat food. Just look at the cat’s reaction!

I rarely lose my temper. Except, of course, when I’m really hungry… then I have good reason to be angry.

Perhaps that’s why I understand the poor cat in our story. She goes out on the porch, hoping, as usual, to find her bowl of food.

However, there was an unexpected surprise waiting for her. The cat was not the only one who woke up with a good appetite. Despite the fact that the bowl of food belongs to the cat, the ungroomed possum eats from it as from his own.

In the photo you can see how shocked the cat is. In every way possible, she tries to convince the owner to save her food, but unfortunately, this proves to be completely useless.

I think it’s safe to say that the possum has won this round.

«I’m sorry, but that’s MY dinner!»

«Master!… Don’t you want to help me with this…?»

«Are you not at all embarrassed by what you did? You gave my food to that BEGGAR!»

«Are you serious right now? Are you just going to stand there and take pictures? I’m very hungry, by the way! Okay… I’ll do it myself…»

«All right, I’ll share if I have to…»

«It didn’t work out… Okay, don’t be shy… Bon appetit!»

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