A completely different person: what have the years done to Dudley from «Harry Potter»?

Harry Potter’s evil cousin in the films probably annoyed everyone. The obese villain was masterfully played by Harry Melling. After the release of «Deathly Hallows», the actor dropped off the radar for a few years, but then returned to the profession. His appearance has changed completely.

The screen of Dudley, the overweight boy with the unpleasant look, no longer exists. In his place is now a charming, slim young man with bright blue eyes and prominent ears. As seen in a photo from a social event, Melling has not only lost weight over the years, he’s also become more charismatic and attractive. The suit he was wearing suited him very well. And the khaki-colored tie went perfectly with his raven-winged hair.

Every year now, new films are released with Melling’s participation. For example, at the recent premiere of «The Omniscient Eye», the actor played the role of the young writer Edgar Poe. Many praised Melling’s performance, saying he was convincing in the role of the king of detectives.

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