A couple lost 100 kilos and became fitness models. What they look like and what they do now

The story of any person’s serious weight loss is worthy of a separate story about overcoming oneself. But when two people (in our case, a husband and wife) lose a lot of weight at once, it is doubly interesting.

Today we’re going to tell the amazing story of a Canadian couple-the girl’s name is Jasmine Parent and her spouse is Jeremy Crowley.

After the death of her father, Jasmine began to gain weight as a result of the grief she had endured. Or rather, she gained weight because she drowned out the pain by eating indiscriminately. And her boyfriend kept her company.

Together they would sit down in front of the TV and devour fast food, and they could do it quietly even at night.

At one point the guy weighed exactly 150 kilograms, and his fiancée weighed 134 kilograms.

Jasmine says that she has never been skinny, but after the death of her father just snapped. It got to the point that the constant anxiety eliminated her desire to communicate a lot with her children.

She began to pay less attention to her daughters, and when she looked in the mirror, she hated her image. The turning point came when the girl saw a shared photo with friends.

She was horrified by her fullness in front of her friends. And she wasn’t even 30 years old at the time, and she was already experiencing pain in her knees and shortness of breath when climbing stairs. Jeremy, too, was horrified by his appearance in the photo.

Keeping his wife company for a night of fast food, he didn’t notice how he went from just a big guy to a fat guy.

At this moment, the lovers decided to put themselves in order.

For starters, they planned a 21-day diet and started exercising right at home.

And they recorded everything on video to track changes in their bodies. They drastically reduced salt and sweets in their diet.

The result was immediate — they both lost exactly 100 kilos during the year.

The young man lost 43 kg, and his partner — 57 kg!

One of the main motivations for getting fit was to set an example for their children.

The couple admits that there were difficult moments in the process when they wanted to stop working out and get off the right diet. Still, every time they chose to work out.

After losing weight, Jasmine had an operation to remove sagging skin.

Now the couple is not just in great shape — they have become fitness models.

Jasmine has over 170 thousand followers on Instagram. Now she is not just not ashamed of her body, but on the contrary, she enjoys showing pictures, including semi-naked ones.

And Jeremy said that after losing the weight, he found happiness and a better relationship with his children.

The couple admits that at the beginning they were not sure of such impressive final results, but due to a great desire they managed to lose 100 kilograms together.

Both partners are also happy because now they can really be a good example for their daughters, because they have traded soap operas and fast food for healthy eating and working out and can teach their children the same.

«I’ve finally reached the point where I like what I see in the mirror.»

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