A disabled cat and a three-legged dog are the best friends.

Meet Scooter and Falco, a cat who needs a wheelchair, and a three-legged dog. They like to spend time together.

A three-year-old Scooter is a Siamese cat. He injured his spine in an accident and cannot use his hind legs. And his friend Falco, who is also three years old, was found on the street without a leg.

The charming couple went through a lot in life, but fortunately, they were able to find and share a house forever with Rose Mary Millan and her husband Roy.

Now this couple likes to walk together.

Their owner, 49-year-old Rosa Mary from Bolivia, South America, shares adorable images of the couple on social media.

Rose Mary said, «They get along well and like to date each other.

They love to walk in the fresh air and really like adventurous.

At home, their favorite activity together is fighting, they could fight all day.»

«They play together, but only when Falco is in the mood. »

Rose Mary and Roy adopted Falco after their friend found the poor guy wandering nearby.

«The vet said the stitches on his wound are very bad,» she said.

«The vet thought that maybe the one who applied the stitches was inexperienced, because the stitches were just terrible. »

Rose Mary and Roy struggled to find someone who would like to adopt a three-legged dog. But then they left him in their house forever with Scooter and their other cat Louis.

Rose Mary said, «Falco recently got a new leg.
But now he doesn’t really use it, he just jumps, on three legs.
But when he gets used to the new leg, I think it will really help him. «

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