A dog finds its new home forever after being left to die in a landfill.

Watching a rescue dog, you won’t even be able to imagine exactly what its history is. One of the best and most enviable traits of dogs is the ability to leave the past behind and accept their new home with love.

Watching Amy having fun with her little chihuahua brother, you wouldn’t even think that she was found barely clinging to life, almost paralyzed from wounds in a cardboard box abandoned in a landfill.

Her story is a story of luck and a happy ending!
It all started with the fact that Tatiana, who works with the YouTube channel «Animal Shelters», found Amy in a landfill inside a cardboard box.
The rescue team was able to find her. They carefully carried the dog to their car, fearing that her injuries would worsen as she moved.
She had a broken vertebra, and she cried all the time in pain.

«Since the local veterinarian could not operate, we took the dog to a more experienced veterinarian who could cure her,» the team wrote on YouTube.

Amy understood that her rescuers were trying to help her. Although the pain was unbearable, she remained as resilient as possible while the vet examined her. Amy needed immediate surgery. Fortunately, the surgical team performed a miracle, and Amy underwent the operation well.

A few days later she was released. She still couldn’t move completely.

«After almost a month, our dog was able to walk again,» Tatiana shared on the video. By this time, she had also grown to her normal size. With the worst of her medical problems behind her, the team could now focus on finding a home for Amy.

Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t difficult.Amy loves everyone, and everyone loves her! It was an emotional moment when she met her new owner for the first time.

«Our dog looks great. In her new home, she has new friends who love her very much. Looking at her, I still think that it was all like a dream, because I was afraid that she would remain disabled. But miracles have happened to her, and she has a very happy new life,» Tatiana concluded.

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