A dog found a puppy in the woods and brought it home. A few days later it turned out that there was a bear growing in the apartment

Laima is a hunting dog, a West Siberian husky. The owners did not pay attention when she once again ran off into the woods. But the return of the pet with a puppy was already perceived with surprise.

«The dog carried it very carefully. Apparently, she wanted to feed it as her own. But she gave me the puppy right away, and I took it into the house,» Laima’s owner told reporters.

The puppy that Laima found was very small. Its appearance slightly confused people: its head was disproportionately larger than its body, and its paws were quite tiny. That is why they decided to show the strange creature to the vet.

Of course, the specialist immediately identified the species of the animal. Laima had brought a little bear cub from the forest. Perhaps she scared the mother bear away.

The bear cub was given to a wildlife rescue center. He will be raised and released into the woods.

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