A dog often scolded by his owners has become an Internet star

Agree, especially those who have a furry friend at home, life is much more fun and colorful with dogs.

It’s true that you don’t always want to go out and walk with it. But what can you do for your most faithful friend, right?

The owners of our furry friend are of the same opinion. The cute dog, who now resides in China, is so cute that it has become one of the most famous on the Internet.

The fact is that the dog is always spoiling something in the house: furniture, clothes, toys. Of course, the owners do not like it and they have to scold him every time, after the kid has spoiled something.

The dog couldn’t resist biting into a cactus. The baby must have some kind of problem with his teeth.

But just look how he listens to his owners when they tell him off for another transgression. His eyes would make anyone’s heart melt.

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