A dog that tried to chase its owner’s car with its mouth taped shut

Every day we learn more and more about the stories of animals who have been abandoned by ruthless owners. Today’s heartbreaking story is sure to will make you think twice before taking any action.

Our hero today is a little puppy who was left on the street with his mouth taped shut. It’s worth noting that the puppy didn’t know where to go. So he ran after the owner’s car. He hoped to the last that the man would stop and take him away.

Passersby noticed it and shouted for him to the man to stop. But to no avail. The video soon went viral all over the web. Many commenters were outraged at the cruel mistreatment of the owner and wrote him many bad comments. In the opinion of many people, such people should not give animals away if they cannot properly take care of them.

Some time passed and now the dog is in a shelter where he is well cared for. It should be noted that this dog was rescued. However, there are many others who are forced to live on the street, searching for food and trying to survive!

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