A dog who got lost in the parking lot returned home thanks to a stranger

A huge Pyrenean dog was discovered walking aimlessly at night. When she was called to get into the car, she did it without hesitation. The finder of the dog checked the collar. And thus found her owners.

Eleanor Donahue returned to her car full of shopping at night.

Заблудившийся на парковке щенок вернулся домой благодаря незнакомцу

And suddenly she noticed a huge Pyrenean dog walking aimlessly. Since these dogs are one of the largest breeds, they are not so easy to transport.

However, Eleanor called the dog to her to see if there was a way to help her. Without thinking twice, the huge dog barely got into her car.

Rummaging through the fur, Eleanor found a collar. It had the name and phone number of the dog’s owner on it

Заблудившийся на парковке щенок вернулся домой благодаря незнакомцу

When Eleanor called, she discovered that Moon, the dog’s name, often ran away from home. Moreover, her usual place for walking was the parking lot. This became very clear when the owner of the Moon in despair said: «She loves this damn parking lot.»

Eleanor arranged with the owners to pick up the dog from her house. A few minutes later they arrived. They thanked the woman for her care of the dog.

The only thing that upset them a little was that the puppy would run away from home again as soon as she had the opportunity. They could only wish that the next time she was met by someone as kind and loyal as Eleanor.

Заблудившийся на парковке щенок вернулся домой благодаря незнакомцу

Because of their size, the dogs of the Great Pyrenees require special care. Apart from the fact that they eat a huge amount of food every day, they tend to be a bit wild and like to walk and explore their surroundings. That’s why they need a large patio or a place where they can spend their afternoons. Otherwise, they can go to nearby parking lots, as the Moon did.

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