A family went to an animal shelter to get a cat, but found their missing dog there

One of the most difficult problems any pet owner can face is losing their furry friend. Accidents happen when dogs, cats and other animals sometimes run away from home and never return.

This leaves owners in a state of hopeless panic. They constantly worry about their pet, guessing what might have happened to them. Eventually they have to accept that they’ll probably never see him or her again. But sometimes fate gives us completely unexpected surprises. This family also thought they had lost their dog forever, but they hadn’t.

That’s what happened to a family in Florida after their brown and white dog, Dopey, went missing in August of this year. The family hoped and prayed to see her again, but they knew their chances were slim. In early November, the family heard about a local homeless animal shelter in Jacksonville, not far from their home.

They decided it was time to get a new furry friend. As a family, the animal lovers went to the shelter to pick out a kitty cat. They were no longer planning on taking a dog, since they were afraid they would lose him again. Suddenly they noticed a man from the shelter with a dog on a leash in the corridor between the enclosures. The father of the family immediately shouted: «Dopey! That’s our Dopey!»

The dog pulled on the leash and rushed to his men. They immediately recognized each other. Soon the whole family was hugging and petting the dog they thought was lost forever. It turned out that Dopey had been rescued by the Jacksonville Animal Welfare Society. He was thought to be lost and had no microchip, so it was impossible to contact his owners.

Fortunately, this story had a happy ending for everyone. The family was reunited with their beautiful dog. Dopey went back to where he was and got all the love and care of the people who knew him best. A lot of bad things could have happened to him. The chances of him finding his family again were very slim. But, in the end, he found his family thanks to the hard work of the shelter staff and volunteers who helped organize this meeting.

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