A friendly poisonous cobra came to the rescue of puppies who were thrown into a well

Two-month-old puppies found themselves at the bottom of a well next to a brightly painted poisonous cobra, whose length reached up to two meters.

The puppies were discovered by young people who were passing by an abandoned well. They heard plaintive sounds coming from the well, calling for help.

In the well they saw two small puppies near which there was a two-meter poisonous cobra. Young people were afraid for the puppies’ lives. But the snake was not going to harm animals in trouble. She watched the puppies for two days so that they did not end up in a dangerous place in the well until rescuers came to the rescue.

Дружелюбная ядовитая кобра пришла на помощь щенкам, которых бросили в колодец

Only then the cobra left the animals and disappeared when rescuers went down to the bottom of the well and pulled the kids to the surface.

The snake turned out to be friendly and came to the rescue of the puppies, unlike the people who caused the puppies to be at the bottom of the well. Young people have domesticated two small puppies and now the kids have shelter and kind owners.

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