A girl spotted a tiny kitten in the school parking lot

A little skinny kitten was wandering around the school parking lot right between the buses. One little girl, a student at the school, couldn’t leave it there alone.

Residents of the American city of Philadelphia recently saw a little kitten in a school parking lot. The lost baby was running between buses, apparently looking for food. A little girl, a student at the school, immediately spotted it and picked it up — and then brought it to her mom in the car. She didn’t want the baby to get hit by a car.

The family decided to take the kitten home to feed and care for it. As they drove home, the girl held the baby in her arms — and it purred loudly, showing its trust. At home, the baby was fed, bathed and examined, and given the nickname Bubblegum.

Unfortunately, the family could not keep the kitten because they have several dogs living with them — but they immediately fell in love with the adorable Bubblegum. The next day the kitten was taken to the vet clinic. The doctors said it had slightly underweight and had fleas. They found a re-home for it and almost immediately began to treat it, and restore its condition.

In just one week, the baby gained weight and became much stronger and more active. Also, it finally realized what a warm home and loving people are around. Now Bubblegum is 10 weeks old, and is ready for the next chapter of its life — they will soon start looking for new owners for it.

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