A golden retriever recognized his former owner and couldn’t stop crying after not seeing his owner for 5 years

A man worked in a company and received a good salary. He rented a house because he received a good amount of money. He even adopted a dog to spend his free time with.

The dog a golden retriever was a good friend for the man after hard work. The dog always understood the man when he was angry. The dog behaved as if he was a true friend that the man could count on.

Everything went well and the man had no problems until he fell into a state of depression. The man donated money for his loved one’s treatment. He became unemployed and had to move elsewhere to live.

The man gave his dog to his friend to take care of. The dog had trouble getting along with the new owner. At first, the dog would not eat anything. The dog got used to everything new after three months.

The dog’s previous owner visited his friend and also wanted to see the dog. The dog’s reaction made the owner cry.

The dog started filling his eyes with tears and jumped into the arms of the former owner. The dog really missed the owner and showed his true feelings. The man felt guilty for not taking care of the dog properly.

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