A greyhound named Eris charms people with his nose

Each of us has our own unique features: crooked finger, long neck, narrow hips! But there are features that are so unique that they can almost instantly attract everyone’s attention. Like for example the Russian greyhound Eris, who has such a long nose that she may be a world record holder! The length of her nose is a little more than 30 cm.

Meet this is Eris.

A couple from Richmond, Lily and Savannah, took Eris in July 2018.

When she was a puppy, no one could have imagined that her nose would eventually become so long!

Most recently, Eris celebrated her second birthday.

In addition to an impressively long nose, Eris is the owner of a very long torso.

The length of her body is 144 centimeters!

Of course, during walks, passers-by turn around at an unusual dog and pay a lot of attention to it. Because of this, the owner of the dog even had to change his usual route for walking, as people’s attention became too excessive

Lily and Savannah love their long-nosed beauty very much, who gives them a lot of joy and smiles! Just look at that face! Is it possible not to smile when looking at her?

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