A guy rescued a drowning puppy from the cold water. Look how the dog thanked his rescuer!

We should always remember our little brothers! There is too much selfishness and indifference in today’s world… The guy in this video is a real role model!

In the footage taken near the river, you can see the poor puppy desperately trying to get out of the river into which he has fallen. It is not known how it managed to get into the river in the first place, but you can clearly see that it is struggling to stay afloat.

Fortunately, a kind man prevented the dog from drowning. Risking his own life, he made his way down to the bank of the river until he was close enough to reach the dog. He made his way into the icy water and managed to keep his balance in the powerful rushing current.

If the water had knocked the man down, he might not have been able to escape.
Eventually, the man got to the dog and was able to grab it by the scruff of the neck. Although it is not advisable to lift animals this way, it is the best way to do it in an emergency because it is the easiest way to hold them.

Once he gripped the frightened dog tightly, the man began to walk back toward the shore. Even though the puppy was frightened, it was as if he knew that this man would help him out of the river.

Along the way, the puppy and the man encounter some obstacles, and at one point they have to climb over a large concrete boulder. But in the end they return to the shore, where another man is waiting for them.

Fortunately, the dog seems to be okay, and the moment he reaches the shore, he just can’t contain his happiness.Apparently realizing what a favor his rescuer had done for him, the dog was not stingy with gratitude! Let’s learn more about this amazing rescue story.

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