A heroic deed: Risking yourself to save a dog

One of the most popular places in Taiwan, which is especially popular among tourists, is Tarako National Park. The peculiarity of the park is the picturesque mountains. The people of Taiwan decided to build a guest house in this beautiful place. Any tourist who has nowhere to stay can stay overnight in this lodge or just spend a few hours for relaxation.

One day a horrific situation occurred that could have ended fatally. A woman who was sleeping in the cabin went out into the park and saw a terrible picture. A dog was lying motionless near a homemade stove made from a metal barrel. The animal looked disfigured, its forelegs were bloody and one limb was missing.

Then the situation became clear: the animal fell into one of the traps set in the tourist park. The woman approached the dog, he was kind and did not show any aggression to the stranger. It was a grown-up puppy, which looked about a year old, but no more, and the poor animal had already managed to go through such suffering.

The woman was advised to ask Sean McCormack for help. This man helps animals and solves such situations. The tourist immediately wrote to Sean about what had happened and attached a photo of the injured dog to the message. As soon as Sean received the letter, he immediately went to rescue the dog.

Sean looked up the location of the guest house on the carriage and was unpleasantly surprised. There was no direct road to the inn, and to get there Sean had to go through the mountains and difficult terrain. Of course, it was possible to look for some detour, but there was no time for that, because it was necessary to act quickly in order to save the dog’s life.

Sean asked for help from his friend Rowse Tweedy, who navigated the area. Rowse helped Sean get to where the dog was as quickly as possible. Sean had never hiked before, but that didn’t stop him from coming to the dog’s rescue and overcoming the obstacles.


When the boys finally arrived at the guest house, another piece of unpleasant news awaited them: the dog was missing. The boys went in search of the fugitive and found it missing under a pile of old chairs. There sat the frightened and wounded animal. Sean quickly gained the dog’s trust and he came out to meet him.

Sean gave the dog a name, Sandy. The rescuers bandaged the dog’s paws. Then they wrapped the dog in a warm blanket, put him in a special backpack and headed back. The way back was just as difficult, with the same difficult terrain and obstacles. The boys took turns carrying the backpack, which contained Sandy. The dog behaved well the whole way, sitting quietly without making a sound. Surely he felt he was in good hands.

Once the trip was over, Sean and Rowse took Sandy to the vet. He needed to have his paw amputated, but the doctors said a prosthetic could be fitted.

While Sandy was in the clinic, owners were found for him. People were willing to take him into a home and give him warmth and care.

This story has a happy ending, but it could have been different.

«Every second counted, time was the most important value that was needed to save Sandy’s life,» Sean said.

Thanks to Sean and Rowse’s bravery, Sandy was rescued and found happiness with good owners. The boys deserve a lot of respect!

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