A homeless kitten was caught in a heavy downpour and didn’t know where to go: the owner’s dog helped him out

Monica took her dog, Hazel, for a walk. But suddenly it rained heavily, and there was no shelter nearby. So both the girl and her pet got wet right away. The rain turned out to be prolonged, so Monica and Hazel had to cut their walk short and go home. On their way home, they saw a kitten who was all wet from the rain. The kitten was confused. It did not know where to hide from the weather and just rushed along the sidewalk and cried loudly.

Unexpectedly for the girl, her dog decided to help the kitten. Immediately the dog carefully examined the baby, then poked it with his nose and began to purr kindly. Kitten was immediately surprised by such attention. Then, as if the cat understood what the dog was trying to tell him and ran after him and his owner.

The rain gradually stopped. Monica was convinced that once the bad weather was over, the kitten would stop worrying and go where it lived. But the baby kept running after her and Hazel. It was hard for the baby to keep up with the adult dog. So the dog would periodically stop and wait for the kitten to catch up with him.

The real challenge for the little one was the high curb that came across the road. Several times the kitten tried to overcome the obstacle on its own, but it did not succeed. Once again, Hezel came to the rescue, using his nose to help the baby, thus causing his owner to smile.

Soon the three of them reached Monica’s house. The girl realized that she couldn’t leave the kitten outside, though she knew she couldn’t leave it to live with her either. The steps leading up to the house proved to be the next insurmountable obstacle for the crumb. So the dog took the kitten by the withers and lifted it up. At home, Monica found out that their new acquaintance was a girl. She named her Sheba and soon found a home for her. Sheba now lives in Monica’s own brother’s house and is very happy with her new owner.

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