A kind-hearted guy gave his T-shirt to a dog who was freezing

Fernando Gabriel, who lives in São Paulo, was walking with his brother Felipe through a metro station when he noticed a stray dog. The yard dog was lying on the floor of the platform, literally shaking in the cold. Felipe stopped and, in front of a surprised Gabriel, began to undress. First he took off his sweatshirt and then his T-shirt. He put the sweatshirt back on, but did something different with the T-shirt, which he put on the shivering mongrel.

Gabriel later said that everything happened so quickly and unexpectedly that he did not understand the meaning at first. Neither did random passers-by understand what was going on. But when eyewitnesses realised what Felipe was undressing for, they stopped and started filming this unusual picture on their phones. One of the videos, with the consent of the Brazilian himself, who suddenly became the protagonist, was published on the internet and appeared on YouTube.

The boy admitted in an interview that he was not prepared for this kind of attention and did not expect anyone to notice him. He simply felt sympathy for the homeless frozen dog and shared his clothes with it.

By the way, the donated T-shirt was a favourite, but Felipe jokingly pointed out that it suited the dog much better.

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