A kitten found on the street never gets tired of cuddling the dogs living in the family, and they don’t mind

A tiny kitten was found in the street. The baby was only a couple of days old. The dogs that lived with the family treated the baby as if it were their own.

A couple of months ago, an American family saw an ad on social media for a homeless kitten who urgently needed help. The baby was found on the street all alone. There was no mother, brothers or sisters beside him. Ashley Jean and her daughter set out to help the defenseless creature.

The next day they took the kitten into their family. The baby’s condition left a lot to be desired. Since the kitten was hungry, the first thing he was offered was food. Mother and daughter went to the store and bought the necessary food. They took the baby with them and for the first time he ate in the parking lot. After that, the baby immediately became more brisk and agile. Then the baby fell asleep.

The new pet was named «Mr. Little Pants. At the time, the baby was still blind and his umbilical cord hadn’t even had time to fall off. Ashley’s family lived with dogs. A faint meow attracted the attention of the house guards. Under the control of Ashley’s daughter, the dogs approached the kitten. A dog named Baron decided to appoint himself as the baby’s personal guardian.

As soon as Fluffy began to meow, the three dogs immediately rushed to the sound. «Mr. Little Pants» genuinely loved his canine companions.

«At first he was anxious. The baby was looking for his mother. He often meowed at night and cried. The dogs were always coming to comfort the baby.» — Ashley says.

Time passed, the kitten grew and developed. It was a very smart, intelligent and nimble baby. When he was a few months old, he began to spend time in the arms of his canine friends.

The kitten now sleeps only with dogs. He trusts them unconditionally. In particular, the kitty has become friends with Baron. The dog watches his ward’s every move. He feels responsible for him.

The cat sleeps together with the dogs in their arms. They are really friendly.

«Our baby is growing so fast. I’ve already forgotten what he looked like when he was just a baby,» Ashley says.

It’s good that there are such happy stories in our world. Not only was the kitten rescued from death on the street, but he was also given a loving family. He lives happily and halfway thinks of himself as a dog.

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