A lost dog had been waiting for its owners by the road for four years. But their meeting did not go as expected.

Bon Bon dog lived happily in a caring family where he was loved.

His owners were an elderly couple who had raised him since he was a puppy. All was well until in September 2015, Noah and her husband went to visit their daughter in another province and took the dog with them. Bon Bon was usually quiet in the car, but this time something caught his attention, and when they stopped at a traffic light, he climbed out the window and ran away.

The elderly couple discovered that the dog had disappeared only when they stopped at a gas station. They didn’t know where Bon Bon had jumped out the window, so they started looking all over for him. But even though they drove all over the neighborhood, they never managed to find traces of their pet. After a week of searching, the couple grieved and returned home.

The couple thought Bon Bon was dead. However, the faithful dog returned to the place where he was lost, sat on the side of the road and waited for his owners to come back for him. He periodically ran around the neighborhood, but always returned to the same spot, and he was soon spotted by passing motorists.

Unfortunately, the homeless life began to affect the health of the dog — from a well-groomed dog, he turned into a dirty «vagrant» with tangled hair, tangles and bald patches.

Many people showed sympathy for the dog, but only one woman decided to help him. Every day Saowaluk Pinnuwei, 45, drove down this road to work, and each time she saw the dog sitting in the same spot. One day she asked nearby residents if the dog belonged to anyone. Finding out that the dog was a stray, the kind woman took him to the vet, then brought him home and treated him for a week. She named the dog Leo and became very attached to him, but suddenly the dog disappeared.

At first Saowaluk thought the neighbors might have stolen or poisoned the dog, but the next day she was surprised to see Bon Bon back in his spot by the road. The dog continued to wait for his owners. Saowaluk tried to take the dog away again, but he returned to his original spot. Then the woman decided to leave things as they were. She brought food every day and talked to the dog, calling him Leo.

The story of the dog by the road and its picture appeared on social media and was discussed there periodically until one day four years later the post came to the attention of the daughter of the dog’s owners. She called her parents and they went together to see the dog.

It was an exciting moment for the elders, for they had not forgotten their pet. Bon Bon certainly recognized them and happily wagged his tail, greeting the couple. However, the dog clearly did not want to go with them, so they put him in the car themselves.

When Bon Bon came home, he was very sad and hardly ate at all. After a few days, the family decided to give him to the kind woman who had taken care of him all those four years. After a phone call from the couple, Saowaluk immediately went to them, because she also missed her furry friend.

The owners were thrilled with how their dog responded to Saowaluk, so they didn’t regret their decision. He was jumping for joy and was happy to go with her. There was a bright love in his eyes, and he obviously missed her greatly.

Leo now lives with Saolouk and responds to his new name. He no longer tries to run away, and it seems that true love has won in his heart.

Although he clearly loved his former owners, he was also attached to the woman who saved him when he was sick and hungry. He had to make a choice, and he chose the present over the past.

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