A Maine Coon called Lotus is capturing the hearts of users. The secret to his success is simple — he’s bloody gorgeous

Maine Coons deserve to be called not just good, but the best of the cat family. After all, an adult cat can grow to 120 centimetres from nose to tail. As well as their impressive size, the breed also has an extremely charismatic snout, which can even resemble a human face. No wonder the Maine Coon cat is so popular. Just take a look at this cat called Lotus, who has already amassed 50,000 followers on Instagram with his furry tail. And this fluffy little fellow is still winning the hearts of users!

At 3 years old, Lotus weighs 22 pounds. Surprisingly, Lotus is only considered slightly larger than average; some Maine Coons have grown to over 30 pounds.

Because of Lotus’ size, his mum has had to make a few adjustments around the house — mainly in the bathroom. Instead of a normal litter tray, Lotus uses an extra-large plastic container to do his business. When travelling, Lotus doesn’t fit into a cat carrier, so he travels in a large dog crate instead.

«People and even dogs usually react when they see him (for the first time),» Lindstein said. «A lot of people think he is a dog at first. It’s lucky that he’s very friendly to everyone.»

Unlike most cats, Lotus loves to put on his harness to go for a walk.

Living in Sweden, Lotus gets to visit so many beautiful places with his family, including his Maine Coon sister Marion.

From hiking to just relaxing in the backyard, the two of them seem to love exploring and spending time outside.

His mum shares his adventures online, where Lotus has attracted thousands of cat-loving fans who can’t get enough of his fluffy physique.

Despite all his picturesque adventures, Lotus also does his fair share of relaxing and giving love to his family at the end of the day.

Of course, his purrs, cuddles and kisses are all over the top.

«He loves to sleep on the back of the house and sleep in bed with us,» said Lindstein.

«He is very sweet, gentle and affectionate. He loves his family and loves to kiss. He often sleeps on his back, very relaxed!»

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