A man found a two-day-old kitten in the basement of his house: what happened to the baby next

A man found a kitten in the basement of his house, which was only two days old at the time. Thinking that the mother cat might be somewhere nearby, the man searched the entire basement, but unfortunately did not find her. Most likely, the mother cat had decided to take her kittens elsewhere, but had forgotten that she had left one of them in the basement. The man decided to take the kitten home and contacted an animal rescue service to help find its mother.

The kitten weighed only 75 grams and was only two days old at the time. So on the first day the man tried to somehow feed it with milk from a syringe, but the kitten did not immediately understand what was required of it. When he tasted the milk, he began to suck it out of the syringe.

In order for the kitten to recover faster, he was given probiotics. The kitten’s care was meticulous and included feeding, weighing, and even waking up at night to be fed. The kitten was nicknamed Pudding, and within a week he was purring and playfully moving his soft paws around.

When Pudding weighed 100 grams, his appetite grew even bigger and he began to grow more active. After 2.5 weeks his eyes were well opened and he became even more playful and cheerful.

Pudding’s life changed for the better thanks to a man who found him in the basement and gave him a chance at a happy life. Despite the fact that the cat’s mother was never found, Pudding found a new home with a kind and loving owner who provided him with all the care and attention he needed.

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