A man heard meowing under the wreckage of a powerful tornado

Even when you have lost hope, there is always a great chance of a miracle. This happened to American Sonny Gibson, who was looking for his cat under the rubble nine days after a powerful tornado. Wandering near the wreckage, he heard a faint meow.

Американец услышал мяуканье под обломками мощного торнадо

Not so long ago, a series of tornadoes hit several US states, as a result of which at least 89 people were killed. American Sonny Gibson was standing in the ruins of his three-story office building in Kentucky when he heard a faint meow..

Gibson had a black cat in his office — everyone’s favorite, who greeted employees every day. The man had been looking for him for several days. He had already lost hope. But on the ninth day after the tornado, a miracle still happened!

After hearing the meowing under the rubble, he could not find the source, and called several employees who came to help.

Американец услышал мяуканье под обломками мощного торнадо

Thanks to the help of colleagues, the cat was found. He was lying in a hole under the rubble.

«I thought I heard a meow. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. But I shouted his name, and he meowed again. I was shocked, and it was as if my chest was squeezed and my knees weakened. It was a miracle,» Gibson said.

Американец услышал мяуканье под обломками мощного торнадо

A cat named Maddox was safely pulled out from under the wreckage, and he turned out to be unharmed. Apart from the fact that the cat was very hungry and thirsty, he was not injured. Gibson said he drove Maddox home, where he ate three bowls of food and drank a whole bowl of water. Now he lives with a man.

«If cats really have nine lives, he probably used up about eight of them in those nine days,» Gibson says.

Американец услышал мяуканье под обломками мощного торнадо

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