A man moved to an animal shelter to help adopt an unwanted pit bull

All homeless animals deserve a warm, loving home where they are taken care of, given a lot of attention and love. But sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

Queen, a charming three-year-old pit bull, lived in a local shelter for more than 400 days. No one wanted to adopt her.

This is until a good person appears and does something very remarkable.

The man in question, Scott Par from Kansas City, was extremely passionate about rescuing stray dogs and has loved animals since childhood.

Man has already changed the lives of many animals and constantly wants to inspire others to give stray animals a chance.

In fact, this man even quit his job and now works as a volunteer at a dog shelter. Every time he can help a poor dog find a loving home forever, he feels incredibly grateful and happy.

Scott is creating funds to help shelters meet their needs. And he spends a lot of time helping animals find a home for them.

When Scott first heard about poor Queen, who was living in an orphanage at the time, he decided to step in and help.

Queen has always had a hard time in the shelter of the protected area «Great Plains», because she arrived at the shelter with poor health. Fortunately, her condition began to improve, but none of the families who came to the shelter were interested in adopting her.

«If the animals have been in the shelter for 400 days and it’s listed on their kennel card, people see it and think there’s something wrong with the animal,» Scott told Inside Edition.

Then Scott decided to do something to attract attention to himself: he moved to an animal shelter.

He knew that this radical decision would be reported by the media, and hoped that thanks to the publicity, Queen would finally find her home forever. The man lived in the shelter around the clock and seven days a week, taking care of her and other puppies.

And a week later, incredible news came. Queen has finally been adopted!

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