A man noticed a piece of land in a field, and it turned out to be a living creature

Winter is a harsh time for all outdoor animals and they have to face hardships. They face a lack of water, food, and warmth.

One cold day Vyacheslav was driving home, passing through the fields as usual. But this time he noticed a dark spot at the edge of the road. His intuition told him to stop and see if some help was needed.

As Vyacheslav came closer, he felt an alarm. On the ground, almost motionless, lay a small creature covered with snow.

He had no time to think about it. The man grabbed the cold lump and ran to the car. He shook off the snow and tried to warm the baby as quickly as possible.

After a while the kitten began to purr appreciatively, warming up at his rescuer’s feet in the warm and cozy apartment.

It was clear that fate itself had brought them together that evening. The man liked the little creature very much, and decided to keep it. But first he wanted to make sure that the kitten was okay.

At the vet clinic, Vyacheslav was told that it was a six-month-old little cat. Unfortunately, her tail was badly injured while she was out in the cold.

The kitty underwent the necessary surgery and was sent to a new home, where she was named Nika. She will now be surrounded by love and care.

We don’t know how this sweet little creature ended up on the field in the freezing cold, but if Vyacheslav hadn’t stopped and picked her up, her chances of survival would have been very slim.

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