A man took his blind cousin to a game, and the soccer team didn’t let him go so easily.

ThTwo cousins, Steven and Mike, decided that no disability could prevent them from cheering for their favorite team. They came to the stadium, where Stephen spent the entire game commenting to Mike, who is blind, on what was going on in the stadium.

This isn’t the first time Mike and Stephen have done this. The cousins have season tickets to soccer games and regulars have been seeing them at the stadium since as far back as 2018. That said, Stephen admits he doesn’t consider his act to be anything special.

«It’s just our routine, isn’t it? I talk about every goal kick, every corner, every throw-in. And, of course, Michael knows when we score a goal, so everyone starts hugging each other and screaming with delight

Mike and Steven’s favorite team was so impressed with their passion and love for the game that they invited the brothers to the final game of the season. And they even documented everything that happened there, including how touchingly Mike and Steven cheered for every goal they scored.

But that’s not all. The brothers were invited to the training base and presented with uniform T-shirts with the inscription «Your support is an inspiration».

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